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Due to a large influx of orders from a recent promotion, delivery will currently take up to two weeks.

 Delivery Rates
Zip codes 32000 – 34999Florida$6.75
Zip codes 30000 – 31999Georgia$7.75
Zip codes 35000 – 36999Alabama$7.75
Zip codes 38600 – 39999Mississippi$7.75
Zip codes 37000 – 38599Tennessee$7.75
Zip codes 29000 – 29999South Carolina$7.75
Zip codes 27000 – 28999North Carolina$8.75
Zip codes 22000 – 24699Virginia$8.75
Zip codes 24600 – 26999West Virginia$8.75
Zip codes 20600 – 21999Maryland$8.75
Zip codes 19700 – 19999Delaware$8.75
Zip codes 15000 – 19699Pennsylvania$8.75
Zip codes 10000 – 14999New York$9.75
Zip codes 07000 – 08999New Jersey$9.75
Zip codes 06000 – 06999Connecticut$9.75
Zip codes 02800 – 02999Rhode Island$10.75
Zip codes 01000 – 02799Massachusetts$10.75
Zip codes 05000 – 05999Vermont$10.75
Zip codes 03000 – 03899New Hampshire$10.75
Zip codes 03900 – 04099Maine$11.75
Zip codes 40000 – 42999Kentucky$9.75
Zip codes 46000 – 47999Indiana$9.75
Zip codes 43000 – 45999Ohio$9.75
Zip codes 48000 – 49999Michigan$10.75
Zip codes 70000 – 71599Louisiana$8.75
Zip codes 71600 – 72999Arkansas$8.75
Zip codes 73000 – 74999Oklahoma$9.75
Zip codes 75000 – 79999Texas$9.75
Zip codes 63000 – 65999Missouri$10.75
Zip codes 66000 – 67999Kansas$10.75
Zip codes 68000 – 69999Nebraska$10.75
Zip codes 60000 – 62999Illinois$10.75
Zip codes 50000 – 52999Iowa$11.75
Zip codes 53000 – 54999Wisconsin$11.75
Zip codes 55000 – 56799Minnesota$12.75
Zip codes 57000 – 57999South Dakota$13.75
Zip codes 58000 – 59999North Dakota$13.75
Zip codes 59000 – 59999Montana$14.75
Zip codes 87000 – 88499New Mexico$11.75
Zip codes 85000 – 86999Arizona$12.75
Zip codes 80000 – 81999Colorado$12.75
Zip codes 84000 – 84999Utah$13.75
Zip codes 88900 – 89999Nevada$13.75
Zip codes 82000 – 83199Wyoming$14.75
Zip codes 83200 – 83999Idaho$15.75
Zip codes 90000 – 96199California$13.75
Zip codes 97000 – 97999Oregon$14.75
Zip codes 98000 – 99499Washington$14.75
Zip codes 99500 – 99999Alaska$16.75
Zip codes 96700 – 96899Hawaii$16.75

Europe and Rest of World

Currently we only deliver within the USA from this website. However, we do have distributors around the world who will be happy to help you. Please contact us at with your request and we will put you in touch with the relevant person. Alternatively if you are shopping in the UK, please visit where you can buy online via our UK distributor.

Returns and Refunds

We hope that you will be very satisfied with all of The Somerset Toiletry Company’s products, but, if for any reason you are not, please contact us and let us know.

Items Bought via a Retailer

If you have bought one of our products at a retailer and you are unhappy, we regret we cannot offer you a refund, but you may be able to get a replacement or refund from the retailer, depending on their returns policy, this is at the discretion of the individual retailer.

Items Bought via our Website

If you have bought an item from our website ( and it is not what you ordered or you are unhappy please contact us at

Damaged Items

If when you receive your parcel it appears to have been damaged during transit, please notify us immediately. If possible please also take pictures of the damage so we can contact the courier company. If the product inside is damaged or broken please email us at and we will arrange accordingly.

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